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 Nira Etons Berry,  Inspirational and motivational speaker,  founder of Laughter Wellness, Master Laughter Expert, laughter therapist, Workplace Wellness Program leader, retreat facilitator, and Health and Happiness Coach specializing in your Happiness!

Nira is an experienced key note speaker, nationally and internationally, and leads interactive laughteteam building workshops for corporate events, conferences & private groups of 10 to 1000.  Nira discovered the power of laughter in 2001, while healing from a serious illness.  Since then, Nira was trained as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher in Switzerland, by Founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria; received a graduate degree and is a Certified Health, Wellness and Happiness Coach, and International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach.

Nira is a faculty member at Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland, and is the host of TV show, Happy and Healthy, on MMCTV, 

    Nira enjoys bringing the positive power of laughter to everyone in a variety of settings including corporate team-building, key-note speaker,  group classes, conference & conventions workshop, spa resorts presenter, CEC presenter, group and individual personal development and executive coaching and 1-2 day retreats.                

Nira leads laughter presentations and interactive laughter workshops on stress management,  Living in the Positive, Choosing to live Joyfully, Living  laughter and healing, and for specialty groups such as physically disabled, those dealing with Cancer, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Spectrum, Mentally challenged, adults, pain management and senior citizens  

Nira coaches individuals on assorted issues dealing with business, wellness and motivation.

Nira is the author of the popular: Laugh Off Stress Laughter Yoga Exercises   D V D

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Did you know that laughing is universal?  Everyone can laugh!

"People connect to each other in an enjoyable, personal way  in LaughingRx  that can't be recreated in any other format"       . . . .   --Nira Berry

What are the benefits of LaughingRx and why laugh?

Scientific studies have shown how laughter impacts your body:

  • You feel great!  Reduced pain sensation

  • You feel happy!  Laughter releases endorphins – happy hormones

  • You feel less stress!  Laughter decreases cortisol levels

  • You feel more self confidence

  • Increased oxygen levels –
            increases creativity and mental clarity

  • Lowers your blood pressure

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Laughing is great for your lungs as well.

  • Laughing 15 minutes aerobic benefits compared to riding on stationary bicycle

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Nira leads presentations Nationally & Internationally, based in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC  region.