2018                                   Laughter Yoga Classes, Wellness Workshops, Laughter Webinars, Telephone Laughter sessions, Private Laughter Therapy & Coaching Programs   Open to the Public  

LaughingRx laughter programs are a unique, interactive group exercise which combines laughter, deep breathing and lots of funDiscover how to laugh more, to manage stress or just learn how to train yourself to laugh like a kid again with LaughingRX.  Bring joy back into your life with laughter exercises!  No prior experience necessary. No yoga poses. Learn what everyone is laughing about.                                           

Nira also offers Wellness Programs, life Coaching, Retreats & events facilitation

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 for most updated schedule: 


Upcoming Sundays Monthlly:               3-3:45pm           

Laughter Wellness Workshops  

including topics such as:          

Stress Be Gone!   Finding Your Bliss.    Living in Balance Work / life Balance.       Steps to Optimal Health, Sleep 101.    Laugh for health.    Got Joy? Ten tips to Boost Happiness    &    21 days to Gratefulness & Positivity

Unique uplifting programs:  discover strategies for stress reduction; bringing more sanity in our lives; finding bliss; work/life balance, How to live healthy and happy and turning around your perspective- living positively  - includes laughter stress reducing techniques you can use in your real life!  

Fee:  $50 w/ prior reg. & payment online to PayPal account: LaughingRx@gmail.com  (no drop ins)

All Coaching Workshops include: laughter exercises, movement, music and guided visualization and relaxation segment.


Special 2 hour workshop:

Create Your Vision Board:  Discover Your Inner Desires & Goals

Tuesday:  March TBD,  12:15-2:15pm

Sunday:  March  TBD,   2-4pm  

Create your Vision Board.  Design Your Future and discover your true passion while you  create your Vision Board.  Fun, interactive experience includes: extended guided visualization, short journaling and creative designing of your true desires. Please bring a poster board to workshop - all other supplies including magazines, scissors and glue will be supplied. 

select one date:  Tuesday or Sunday

Fee:  $100        bring a friend: $85/for 2 people


Location: TBD looking for suggestions for new location  

**Prior Payment/register required online to:  www.PayPal.com  payment to account: LaughingRx@gmail.com    
No Drop-ins    

more workshops to come!  Contact me with workshop suggestions you'd like me to lead!


Laughter Yoga Classes   - on hold- 

looking for new location suggestions

Tuesdays   12:15-1pm

Experience the Laughter Yoga Worldwide Prior reg & payment required online: PayPal.com   to account:  Laughingrx@gmail.com

Fee:  $25 per person        $60 for 3 classes            $35 for 2 -3 people

Prior reg. & payment online to PayPal account: LaughingRx@gmail.com  (no drop ins)

Combine 2 classes or 2 workshops w/5 private Coaching sessions
               $550  with email registration & payment

   Dress:  comfortable clothes & shoes and get ready to put on a smile!       
Laughter Wellness Workshops led by Nira Berry,
Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

more seminars and webinars information on   www.Niraberry.com  website              
 Available: private seminars for your group/business.

                                      Available:  private healing laughter therapy for individual or group.


2 LaughingRx laughter Webinars / 2 laughter telephone conferences /  laughter therapy offered below:


Reduce Your Stress starting NOW with Laughter Coaching Webinar: $89

 **contact Nira for start dates  7 pm (EST):

Four 30 min. sessions include: laughter, handouts & FUN in each session and:
– Learn the scientifically proven benefits of laughter
– Laughter for stress reduction in the real world pt. 1 with laughter exercises
– laughter for stress reduction in the real world pt. 2 with laughter exercises
– Laughter for relaxation, laughter meditation

*Reg open until 4 days prior.                          *Reg & payment to:  PayPal to account:  LaughingRx.com  include: series name/start date. (Your payment is your registration).

*Reg for 2 Webinars:  $150          *Reg 2 people per 1 seminar:  $150

Live Your Happiest Life  Webinar $89    7:30 pm (EST):  contact Nira for start dates
Four 30 min. coaching sessions include:  laughter therapy exercises, techniques & tips to live your Happiest life-    in each session & handouts:
– What are our daily choices? – Tools for happiness              – 10 steps to Happiness to start today                                                                   – 21 days to gratitude                     – – Laughter for relaxation, laughter meditation, guided relaxation

  *combine both Webinars:  $150      * bring a friend: $75 each     * Reg & payment to:  PayPal to account:  LaughingRx.com  Include series name/start date. (payment is your registration).

 Registration for Webinars is limited- register early!  *Reg open until 4 days prior.  


Laughter Exercise by Telephone Conferences

Laughter Therapy- Fun Laughter Exercises by Telephone Conference:          $100    series of 4 include:   1/2 hour FUN Laughter filled sessions , handouts.    Laughter therapy is a life coaching technique you can use as a tool to cope.  Perfect for your busy schedule & you need to laugh! laugh in your car/office/home!  2 Time options:   5:30pm  & 8:00pm Eastern Time Zone

series 1:   contact Nira for start dates       

              additional options     * 2 tel. laughter series: $180          * 2 friends/ $80 eacch          *Reg for 1 Webinars & 1 tel conf:  $150                                     * Reg & pay to: PayPal account: LaughingRx.com (Include series name/start date -this is your reg.).

Registration for Laughter Therapy Webinars is limited- register early!  *RSVP open til 4 days prior

Laughter Therapy:

Private Laughter exercises by Telephone -laughter therapy:      

  Great way to release stress & boost Happiness                              

package includes:   1/2 hour FUN, uplifting Laughter filled sessions, handouts           Perfect for you & busy schedule- add laughter & fun boosting into your life! Customized uplifting laughter exercises, stress management laughter tools and real-life laughter techniques experienced.

Package of 4 private 30 min. telephone laughter therapy sessions at mutually convenient time: $200               **individual session:  $75 / half hour session,    $50 / 15 minute mini session

Private Laughter Therapy one -on- one in person:                                       per 45 min. session:  $200 (plus Travel exp. outside of local Maryland/DC area)

per 30 min. session: $150 (plus Travel Exp. outside of local metro DC area)

Private Life Coaching by Telephone, Videochat or in person:
45 min. sessions           free sample coaching session available.          coaching packages available- contact:  nira@laughingrx.net  for more info.


Montgomery College Course:  Paths to a Health & Happy Life  classes     open to all

Class taught by Nira Berry, Master laughter Yoga teacher and Health and Happiness Coach and Montgomery College Faculty member

Location:  Montgomery College, Gaithersburg Business Center location

Dates:  new semester coming up series of 4 classes

Time:  check for new times

Register directly to Montgomery College Continued Education Life Long learning 


exciting and fun workshop:

Aha! Self-Discovery through Creativity & Laughter: Relaxed Painting, movement  and fun

Creative release through art expression, laughter exercises and stress reducing techniques Reconnect with your authentic self through a unique wellness experience

While engaging in this fun, dynamic workshop you’ll:
Discover your Joy!
Bring out your inner child
Learn Stress Reduction Techniques
Find your creative energy
Feel energized and Connect with your mind, body and soul
Studies have shown more creativity and laughter leads to creative solutions, ideas, reduced stress, increased energy and productivity and an overall sense of well-being

2 hour Workshop includes:
Abstract painting- no artistic ability needed! ( Supplies included)
Fun Laughter exercises
Tips on reducing stress in the real world

 Fee:  $59  

Bring a friend: $100/ 2 people     

group workshops available up to 30 participants 

Comfortable clothes recommended

Workshops offered monthly.  Please contact Nira for info on next dates: RSVP to Nira@laughingRx.com

for more information on this Aha event check out website:  www.AhaEvent.com

Laughter Coaching by Nira Berry

...also known as Laughter Therapy

Laughter Coaching is available to you if you want to add more laughter into your life.  Nira offers this on a one-to-one basis in person, over the telephone or via the internet, as well as to groups.  

If you are going through a tough time, need a release, or just want to laugh on a daily or weekly basis, laughter coaching with Nira Berry is for you! 

Combine laughter & life coaching:    1/2 hour laughter therapy session followed by 1 hour coaching

Nira Berry is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Certified Health and life Coach.  

information on coaching:  www.Niraberry.com 


 Nira quoted on laughter therapy in USA Today newspaper:   http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2015/10/17/laugh-your-way-better-health/74065852/  


Laughter and Painting Team Building Program

Program includes Laughter and canvas painting experience.  Organization/corporation can keep the painting(s) and hang in corporate office.

Great morale boosting, team building experience.  Separate Painting team-building Program available, as well as scavenger hunt and more!  

  2- hour to full day programs available.  Groups of 10 to 200.


For Cancer patients and their families:                                                      

Workshop: laughter for health and Happiness 

led by Nira Berry
for: cancer patients and their families

Location:  check with nIra for upcoming locations /dates

Healing Power of Laughter Workshop:
Sunday, TBD November/December 2017     2  hours,         2:00-4:00pm 
$50 With RSVP         
contact Nira if you are interested in this special laughter healing experience:  Nira@laughingRx.com      
more information about coaching on  www.Alivewithjoy.com  website

Available:  private healing laughter therapy for individual or group.


   DC Community- wide Laughter Yoga Experience:    FREE

 Sunday, May 7, 2017                                    3-4 pm

     World Laughter Day Celebration

celebrated here in Washington, DC metro area

Uplifting and fun Laughter Yoga Exercises led by Nira Berry, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher 

Washington, DC World laughter Day Celebration: Come dressed in your silliest, laughable outfits! Bring Balloons! Bring maracas/tamborines etc- or just come and laugh!!  Funniest laughter costume gets a prize!!

When:     3-4 pm 
location:  contact Nira for location-- looking for location ideas!
Must RSVP to attend by 5/1/17:     Nira@laughingRx.com.    
 No fee -    Donations accepted for Komen National Race for the Cure                                                                  

**LaughingRx laughter Yoga leader training & 

Power of Laughter   2-day Workshop  Dec, 2017


Come for training or just come to learn how to use laughter in your everyday life for health, relaxation and happiness.                                                                                                                      Location:  Rockville, MD                                                                       Registration/ info:   Nira@laughingRx.com

Your registration for this training course will be your payment on PayPal to account: LaughingRx@gmail.com

minimum of 5 registrants required. 

LaughingRx Laughter Yoga Certificate of completion given at end of course       


Payment options: PayPal / Check / 

PayPal:  On PayPal website send payment to: LaughingRx@gmail.com                              --please note on payment your name and class registered for 


....Heard after Nira's LaughingRx session:

"By the end of LaughingRx class, I was in a better mood, and I have been more lighthearted and prone to laughter ever since." - Judy Teitlebaum, Olney, MD


***LaughingRx leads many corporate/private events nationally & internationally.

Contact Nira at Nira@LaughingRx.com to schedule your organization/corporation's next big event! 

Nira is an uplifting, inspirational keynote speaker as well as a leader of her LaughingRx laughter wellness, interactive team-building experience.

check out: 



The Dr Kataria School Of Laughter Yogawww.laughingrx.net