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LaughingRx is the tool that management uses for team building, encouraging self-esteem, cooperation, creative thinking, job satisfaction, and a place where people want to be.

The LaughingRx experience brings on huge positive changes in the workplace and an organization.  Nira speaks on many topics such as reducing stress, balancing your life, adding laughter into the staff's workday and adding laughter and fun back into your life.  In addition to a speaking program of 1 hour to 1/2 day, Nira also provides  programs of inexpensive weekly sessions of 30-40 minutes a week, all are welcomed by all employees.

Nira offers many corporate team building programs such as group painting team building and scavenger hunts that can be combined with laughter experience. Team building programs boost morale, encourage better communication and leadership skills.

Nira is quoted in article (link below) recently published on laughter benefits in the workplace:

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LaughingRx program benefits in the workplace environment:

  •    Boost morale
  •    motivate employees
  •    Sustain a positive attitude on the job
  •    Mental and physical stress reduced
  •    Increased energy levels and productivity
  •    Bring about more trust
  •    Improve communication and teamwork  
  •    More joyful environment
  •    Reduce criticism 
  •    Reduce anger/frustration  
  •    Smoother conflict resolution   
  •    Build bridges between employees
  •    Stimulate creative problem solving
  •    Strengthen bonds between co-workers  
  •    More efficiency
  •    Improve leadership skills
  •    Employees bring their laughter home
  •    Highly cost-effective

Laughing is nature's stress-buster.  In fact, laughing yoga sessions, such as LaughingRx, lead to scientifically measured stress reductions of 50% or more! It also helps in coping with psychological problems like low self-esteem, depression and phobias.

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Laughter and Painting Team Building Program

Program includes Laughter and canvas painting experience. Organization/corporation can keep the painting(s) and hang in corporate office.

Great morale boosting, team building experience. Separate Painting team-building Program available, as well as scavenger hunt and more!

2- hour to full day programs available. Groups of 10 to 200.


How Does LaughingRx  Do This? ....It makes good business sense

Laughter yoga is a radically different approach to stress management that combines simple laughter exercises with gentle yoga breathing techniques.  This revolutionary technique, invented by a medical doctor from India, causes spontaneous, joyful laughter to flow without any jokes.  You don't even need to be happy or have a sense of humor to laugh.  Because of the eye-contact and childlike playfulness that is initiated, participants discover a deep, human connection with other people laughing.  This experience is more than just fun, it can be transformational.

Energizing and motivating people to think creatively and work productively is easy with LaughingRx.  Consider utilizing it at the following events:

LaughingRx is perfect for conferences.  These large-group laughter experiences -lasting from a half-hour to an about an hour,  provide  excellent ice-breakers at the start of an event, revitalize the group after lunch, and deliver a memorable send-them-home-with-a-bang closing session.

• Workshops & Retreats
LaughingRx can enable people to work cooperatively and collaboratively from the start.  The entire group dynamic shifts after laughing together. the group re-energizes and bonds together. Can be done one time, to everyday of the retreat.

• Trainings
LaughingRx enables your employees to have better concentration on the matter at hand in a fun, positive, participatory group experience. It allows participants to relax and have fun while leaving their inhibitions at the door.  This gets them ready for a serious learning mode and encourages creativity.

• Meetings
Introduce a fun, positive experience.  Opens up creativity, encourages positive communications between your staff.  It makes good business sense to have happy employees.  Laughter sessions help to dissolve tensions within a group. Just after the session may prove to be the best time to promote new initiatives and strategies.

LaughingRx is Highly cost-effective

Laughter training is easy and economical to deliver.

Economical on facilities: All that is needed is a room where the noise will not disrupt the work of others and is big enough to hold a group.

Economical on time:  LaughingRx sessions are short, can accomodate your schedule, from 20 minutes to approximately 1 hour, meaning that people are not away from the workplace for long. It can be offered to suit company needs ie "Lunch-&-Learn", before work or at the end of the day with a 30 minute session.

Large or small groups are possible

It can be rolled out across the organization quickly

It is easy to practice


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TV Coverage of workshop at:

Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD                    Dec. 17, 08

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Click on line link below to see Nira,    **Keynote Speaker**

Breast Cancer Symposium

Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD.                                      November 2007:

 Click here to see LaughingRx in action!


**************Testimonial letter**************

May 18, 2009

Nira Berry

Dear Ms. Berry:

On behalf of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation during the Innovations in Recovery Seminar, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rockville, MD. Your presentation “Laughter is the Best Medicine – Let’s Laugh!” helped to make the event a success and a time of learning for all. We thank you for sharing your knowledge, time and expertise at the meeting.

Again, please accept our appreciation for your thoughtful and valuable presentation. We look forward to continuing our partnership in promoting mental health recovery.

Stacey Lesko, M.S.W.
LT, U.S. Public Health Service
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration


Testimonial:  January '09
"I loved the class and so did all the participants - many who heard us laughing were disappointed they didn't come. Everyone wants your workshop back next year and at our national headquarters."

Thanks so much,
Rev. Allyson Jones, AMC Church, VA


Testimonial December'08:  Women's Circle,  Chabad of Potomac

"By the end of the class, I was in a better mood, and I have been more lighthearted and prone to laughter ever since."

--Judy Teitelbaum


Testimonial August '08:  Montgomery College, staff training workshop

"It was a blast! We had a 9AM meet yesterday and one of our other administrators asked about our session with you and five of us broke out into a spontaneous clapping of Ho Ho Ho , Ha Ha, Ha! She was impressed and you would have been proud!  Let’s hope we get you back here!

Ed Palaszynski Ph.D., Senior Program Director, Information Technology Institute
Work Force Development and Continuing Education
Montgomery College


Nira leading a workshop, Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD

Testimonial July '08:   The Treatment and Learning Centers, Rockville, MD

"LaughingRx established camaraderie and built a sense of team for our staff." -

Dr. Patricia Ann Ritter, Ph.D.,    Assistant Executive Director                                        --  more testimonials below:



LaughingRx Results are rapidly visible

Expect a happier and healthier workforce for all the reasons given above. People visibly shine physically, mentally and emotionally. They become more focused and committed to their company, their work, and their colleagues.

ULTIMATE RESULT: Enhanced success of your business

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